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Sales training programmes at PROAKTIV - interactive and practically relevant with measurable results!

Success in sales is dependent on the person. Well-trained staff and an excellent management team in distribution and sales help you and your company. We at PROAKTIV are specialists for training programmes in sales and distribution. You can book a place for yourself or a member of your staff at various locations.

We will gladly provide you with an offer for an in-house training programme in sales with a customised concept which is designed to meet the needs of your sector and your corporate culture.

You can book a place on our training programmes and courses about topics such as distribution, distribution management, sales, new customer acquisition, or cold calling as an open training course in many cities such as Munich, Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne or Dusseldorf or you can book them as an in-house measure at your own premises.

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Details of our sales training programmes

Sales Training Programme

Selling – that is one of the most important goals in sales. Win new customers, close deals and deliberately expand existing potential. Our Sales Training Programme is a fundamental key to success in sales.

Licence to Sell

In our training programme Licence to Sell with its blended learning concept you will learn to make a sale. Practically relevant and well-grounded. The three-part training programme (classroom sessions, web-based training and on-the-job transfer task) considerably increases your competency in sales and allows you to handle all kinds of sales situations and conversations with confidence.

Sales Excellence

Distribution and sales training programmes or courses for advanced learners: you already have experience in distribution and sales and would like to further develop your own skills or those of your employees? Then our training programme Sales Excellence is the right one for you.

Key Account Management

This is how you build up successful, long-term relationships with your key customers: key account management. With a learning concept consisting of classroom sessions and web-based contents, key account managers, distribution managers and other members of staff will be equipped with the tools necessary to deal with the challenges your most important customers set.

Price Negotiations and Success in Closing Deals

Especially when competition pressure is strong, price negotiations are an essential component of good selling. You will learn to cope with pressure occuring in this sales training course and to take action with confidence.

New Customer Acquisition and Cold Calling

Every company requires new customers. In our course about acquiring new customers and cold calling, we have put together a training programme which deals with your questions and the most important skills required – from an appointment with a customer, through the further dialogue up to the closure of the deal.

Service Excellence

Excellent service often makes the decisive difference: the successful sale and above all long-term relationships with your customers depend on this to a great extent. Learn how to gain points in customer service and enthuse your customers.

Customised sales training programmes or in-house training programmes

In-house Training Programmes and Customised Sales Training Programmes

Designed especially for you and your team: our in-house training programmes or customised training concepts for training programmes in sales, distribution management and other topics. You can find details here or Get in touch with us.