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Management training programmes at PROAKTIV - interactive and practically relevant with measurable results!

Competent managers increase a company’s competitiveness. Well-trained employees and an excellent management team help advance your company and your cause. We at PROAKTIV are specialists for leadership and management training programmes. You can book a place directly for yourself or your employees at various different locations.

We will gladly provide you with an individual offer for an in-house leadership training programme with a customised concept which is designed to meet the needs of your sector and your corporate culture.

You can book a place on our management training programmes and courses about topics such as personelle management, situational leadership, lateral leadership or virtual leadership as an open training  course in many cities such as Munich, Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne or Dusseldorf or you can book them as an in-house measure at your own premises.

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Our management training programmes in detail

Top Management

As a manager at top-management level, in the sense of a top-down approach you are responsible for the company’s corporate culture. You are always a role model and you regularly reflect on your leadership competency. Take part in an exchange of ideas/experiences with other managers from top management on our Top Management training programme and develop your own personal style of leadership further.

Leadership Training Programme

Good leadership – that is the flexible implementation of leadership tools whereby employees are appreciated and their personal responsibility is promoted. Competent managers are a decisive success factor in the competition to win qualified specialists as employees. Our Leadership Training Programme is an essential key to success in management.

Licence to Lead

With our blended learning concept Licence to Lead you learn how to lead. Practically relevant and well-grounded. The three-part training programme (classroom sessions, web-based training and on-the-job transfer task) increases your skills as a manager considerably and allows you to deal confidently with all kinds of managerial situations and conversations.

Situational Leadership

Management and leadership training programmes or courses for advanced learners: you already have experience in leadership and would like to further develop your own skills or those of your employees? Then our Situational Leadership training programme is exactly what you are looking for.

Lateral Leadership

You are working in or with a team which has no hierarchical structure? You want to enthuse and motivate your team for the common task and goal? On our training programme Lateral Leadership you will learn how to do this using the correct tools.

Virtual Leadership

Your employees are distributed over many different locations or often work in home office. This situation requires a different way of communication as well as a more intensive use of multi-media. On our training programme Virtual Leadership you will learn to deal with these challenges skilfully and to act with confidence.

Women In Leadership Positions

You will become conscious of your own profile and role as a female manager. You, your manner and the effect you have on others are the main topics of discussion in our workshop Women in Leadership Positions.

Change Management

You are a manager and would like to handle changing markets, structures and processes proactively? On our Change Management training programme you will learn effective methods of fashioning change processes in a manner which is positive for all concerned.

Customised Leadership Training Programmes or In-house Training Programmes

In-house Training Programmes and Customised Leadership Training Programmes

Designed especially for you and your team: our in-house training programmes or customised training concepts for managers on various levels of the hierarchy and other topics. You can find details here or get in touch with us.