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Training programmes in communication skills at PROAKTIV - interactive and practically relevant with measurable results!

We communicate all the time – with our without language. Successful communication depends on each individual’s behaviour. People who actively look into the way in which they communicate always learn new aspects and profit from this in their professional as well as in their private life. We at PROAKTIV are specialists for training programmes in behaviour and communication skills. It is easy to book a place for yourself or a member of your staff.

We will gladly provide you with an  offer for an in-house training programme in communication skills with a customised concept which is designed to meet the needs of your sector and your corporate culture.

You can book a place on our training programmes and courses about topics such as conflict management, rhetoric and presentation or in our workshop about authentic appearances and manners as an open training course in many cities such as Munich, Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne or Dusseldorf or you can book them as an in-house measure at your own premises.

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Our communication training programmes in detail

Conflict Management

In conflict situations everyone involved pays particular attention to each word and each tone of voice. Take the first step and discover how you yourself behave in conflict situations. On our Conflict Management training programme you will use appropriate communication techniques to develop solution strategies. Look the positive aspects of conflicts in the eye!

Time and Self-Management

You don’t want to become agitated by a lack of time, you would rather decide for yourself when which pieces of information are urgent or important? Then our Time and Self-Management course is the right place for you. You will learn how to organise, prepare and shape a multitude of tasks perfectly.

Rhetoric and Presentation

You have had enough of long-winded PowerPoint battles and want to appreciate your audience from the outset and enthuse them with your core statement? Then book a place on our Presentation Training course where you will learn to successfully combine content, shape and presentation.

Moderation Training

You don’t just want to chair meetings and events in future, you want to moderate them? Then take part in our Moderation Training course and get acquainted with the various moderation techniques. From now on, none of your meetings will end without a consensus or an outcome.

Authentic Appearance and Manners

It is often the case that the first impression is decisive. If it is not positive, it takes hard work to correct it again. You want to master your personal image from the outset and want to trigger a sense of well-being in the person you are talking to in the first few seconds of a conversation? In our workshop you’ll gain confidence in using contemporary modes of interaction.

Customised training programmes in communicaton skills or in-house training programmes

In-house Training Programmes and Customised Training Programmes in Communication Skills

Designed especially for you and your team: our in-house training programmes or customised training concepts for training programmes in communication skills and behaviour. Ýou can find details here or get in touch with us.