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Blended Business Coaching

Coaching offers space for individual questions and special situations, which the client doesn’t want to discuss or deal with in a group. Individual coaching broadens your managers’ and employees’ perception and courses of action. In this way measurable added value for your company is created.

On completion of the training programme, your employees are supported in integrating the insights gained during the course into their everyday working life. In this phase, topics which are of personal interest to your employees come to the fore.

As a supplement to training programmes and also bookable as stand-alone sessions!

Blended Business Coaching combines various communication channels, such as the personal conversation, telephone calls and web-based methods. The important factor here is the appropriateness: for certain topics it is important that people meet in person, other topics can – according to recent research – evidently be dealt with better when people are in indirect contact with one another. This was an interesting insight from a scientific investigation we carried out in 2009. BBC specifically implements this. In coaching, appropriateness also in the form of communication: as a sensible mid-point between technological infatuation and nostalgic resistance to new methods.”

Professor Dr. Michael Ziemons

Which benefits does your company have from Blended Business Coaching?

You support your employees in a timely and practically relevant manner in exactly those situations where they need a coach:

Motivation for new plans: you need courage and drive to successfully yimplement change processes. In a talk with the coach, you identify, reassess and optimise your own routine processes.

Confidence in your actions: in a talk with the coach, you can reflect on your knowledge, your approach and strategies and modifiy them as appropriate.

Deliberately facilitating processes of development: after consultation with the coach, you can deal with a situation appropriately using the techniques you have just learnt and the insights you have just obtained.

Blended Business Coaching is innovative and is unique in the market place in this form. By utilising different levels of communication, coaching becomes more flexible, more effective and more successful.

PROAKTIV coaching packages – can be individually combined

At the beginning of the coaching process, the client and the coach clearly define the objective and the definition of the task. Depending on what these two aspects are, PROAKTIV offers three different coaching packages:


Package 1: whole-day coaching sessions

If the coachee would like to be accompanied during his professional activities for several hours (so-called “coaching on the job”), then whole-day coaching sessions are the appropriate choice. This intensive mentoring allows the coach to recognise aspects which have to be dealt with. Together with the coachee, the coach can develop specific implementation plans.

Whole-day coaching sessions also make sense, if several employees in a company are to be coached on the same day. The coaching day can then be split up between each of the coachees.

Package 2: half-day coaching sessions supplemented by telephone coaching sessions

A whole day of coaching to deal with personal topics is often too intense. In such cases, we recommend that the coaching day is halved and that the coach uses prompt telephone coaching sessions to support the coachee in the implementation of measures in his daily work. The coachee obtains feedback about the results of his implementation and can use this to directly align his actions.

Package 3: telephone coaching sessions

Mere telephone coaching sessions are appropriate for participants of our management and sales training programmes, who would like to be fostered and supported after the training programme has finished. The knowledge they gained on the training course is deepened during a conversation with the coach on the telephone and can be adapted to match the requirements of each practical situation. In a professional and solution-oriented dialogue about any questions concerning implementation, each single participant’s success and individual development is fostered.

This type of coaching is also suitable if the company would like to minimise travelling expenses or if the employee is abroad for some period of time.

Optional utilisation of coaching worksheets

Coaching worksheets to promote preparatory self-reflection can be used in all three coaching packages. Possible questions are:

Which goals have I set for myself and how do I plan to achieve them?

Which core beliefs guide me through my life?

Who makes what kind of demands on me / requests to me and how can I keep control of the rudder?

Which roles do I assume and what are the motives and the influences of these roles?

How can I systematically make preparations for dealing with a difficult situation?

Which advice would people around me give me about a decision I have to make or a difficult question?

Which unused potential is slumbering in my team and how can I put it to good use?

The coachee receives the coaching worksheets chosen between the separate coaching sessions. The results of their self-reflection build the foundation for the future coaching process. It goes without saying that these are treated with strict confidentiality.

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